Guerlain has just re-opened its House on the 68 rue des Champs-Élysées, after only nine months of refurbishing. The place is magnificent covered with white marble and gold decoration. The House brings its visitors around the entire Guerlain world. Let’s have a tour  around.


The main entrance perfumes you with the Guerlain fragrance collection. At the bottom end of the first floor there is the cosmetic area and the all-in-gold till area. Down the impressive marble stairs you can extend your stay in the house by having a cup of tea or lunch at the Guerlain restaurant – Le 68 Guy Martin. Before you leave the restaurant do not hesitate to bring back home a pot of Guerlain fresh tea whose scents recall all the Guerlain fragrances, and a pot of Guerlain homemade honey to sweet your cup of tea. For those who want to prolong the pleasure, they can have an extra Guerlain patisserie on the go. The service is excellent and qualifies with your expectations.

The House has not forgotten its VIP clientele. An entire floor is dedicated to a very selective, private, and tailor-made service.

Eventually, the house is juxtaposed to the Guerlain spa salon, where customers have a large choice of different tailor-made massages and skin and body care in order to experience a real esthetical beauty trip.


Written by Caroline Agulhon and Macarena Ballesteros


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