Haute Couture Paris 2015

The ‘Haute Couture Fashion Week’ that took place from 25/01 to the 29/01 has once more made Paris the indubitable Fashion World capital.

Thanks to incredible shows but also through the remarkable handcrafted work of the “petites mains”(* little hands) in the Parisian workshops, the catwalks were full of emotion, creativity, originality and on many occasions breathtaking.

See the Schedule: http://www.modeaparis.com/en/fashion-shows/Schedules/Haute-couture

Some of the Fashion shows that stood out to us the most among the more acclaimed brands were:

1) The Valentino

It was inspired by the Chagall paintings and depicted a mix of Italian romances and Slavonic spirit, with transparent ivory fabrics, gold embroideries and braided hair with flowers.







See Video and Collection looks: http://www.valentino.com/fr


2) The Jean- Paul Gaultier (“Gaultier Paris”)

The designer Jean-Paul Gaultier presented a collection representing  61 ways to say yes (“61 façons de dire oui”).
Each model was wearing a special dress and every look was unique. There was no aim of coherence but a rich diversity of colours and materials. The models themselves also attested this abundance in being top models of different ages and styles.








See Collection looks: http://madame.lefigaro.fr/defiles/jean-paul-gaultier/printemps-ete-2015/haute-couture-0/94083


3) Viktor & Rolf

Last but not least, Our personal favourite:
The collection was a play of volume and layers, but also a mix with the African lifestyle and also inspiration taken from dance costumes.
There were lots of florals and extremely beautiful shapes making the experience unforgettable to watch!

If you get the chance to attend one Haute couture fashion show next time, we definitely recommend this one!









See the Collection looks: http://www.viktor-rolf.com/fashion/looks/s2015ctr/




Back Stage photos taken by Editors 


What where your favourite Haute couture looks from the January 2015 shows?


Claudia Marinucci, Angie SHIM, Emilie-Marie Maudens, Qi Li



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