Styles Rocking The Streets of Paris Fashion Week 2015

The Fall ’15 menswear and couture shows have just wrapped, but there’s no rest for all the off-catwalk action in Paris. View these street-style looks which strongly stood out during the fashion week this season. Follow up their in-trend style to learn how to be a stylish Parisian!


Mod Art student at fashion week

Mod Art student at fashion week. This edgy futuristic look stood out in the streets of Paris; take a look at the melodious cool tone palette, fusing a sense of distant coolness and light-weighted feminism.


street look 12

This look consists of bold pattern, extremely opposite color palette, overcoating with a black collar coat; it elevates feminism to the level of unconstrained sharpness that catches all the eyes passing by.

In the streets of Paris, we can see that blue continues to be the trend; the subtle, chic, sharpness, and eccentrics carried out by the color, neutrally transcends sophistication and characteristics of one’s image. This season, either head-to-toe white or lavishing colors and pattern, a touch of the blue is always good.

street look 6

All black, decorated by a layer of dotted suit jacket, overlapping with a scarf in red checks; the collision of these two prints were dressed carefully to proportion, which become the highlight of the overall look.


Check, another element is emerging in the streets. Usually it appears on accessories or outwear; grids and checks state a very solid coolness which gives bonus to the overall look as it elevates  one’s taste very specifically.

Black this year, retain the power of mysterious through various mix and match in the streets of Paris. Different forms of coats using the most selective color, black, creating edgy personality to the over all look  in the wakening of the blossom season. Although black and white has always been the timeless combo palette, but this season is all about adding contrary highlight to the matted look, like a ray of spring sun shining through the valley of the passing winter.

Mod Art Student at Paris fashion week. Playful dotted prints in bright, vibrant colors coating with a black coat and a pair of black roomy ankle-tight pants; this look captured the settle of black, without neglecting fun elements that reflect ones passionate personality.

Roomy pants with a pair of men’s wear flats is The Look and Must-Have for this season of liveliness

Mod Art student at Paris fashion week. Shoulder patted black coat with black button up shirt, the plain upper half which created dramatic contrary with the bottom half, dressing with a geometric printed pants, exaggerated visual impact in a very harmonious way; keep in mind, the pants gotta stay roomy and neutral.

street look 11

Head-to-toe black highlighted by tango orange and white, with a long kimono-like coat which lengthens and expands one’s height, in order to create a sense of wind drifting elegance in absolute relaxation.

Don’t forget long Kimono-like coats which attributes flattering charm in a feminine romantic way to the overall look, is also one of the hottest trends lasted for seasons!

Mod Art Student at Paris fashion Week. The exquisite matching with different textures and layering of different prints, a touch of silvery grey enhancing the It trends in the streets of Paris.


street look 15

This over-sized silvery grey jacket stating the unforgettable trend of the season, sporty and dynamic; also created a sense of tomboyish style.

Silvery Grey  was introduced by many luxury fashion brands for spring and summer 2015. This color trend coming off from the runway can be easily spotted in the streets of Paris; whether it’s on the accessories or on a sporty weather proof  jacket (Keep in mind sporty is also a fashion forward trend for this season!); the silvery grey manage to create a sense of futuristic and calmness to the overall look.

street look 7

Nick Wooster, presenting the trends of the season in the streets of Paris welcoming the arrival of spring 2015


Nick Wooster, spot on the elements of this season. Simple black and white base, with a jacket in silvery grey highlighted by earthy warm colors which balance out the cool tone of the majority areas. The overall look contains strong personality in a very energetic yet sophisticated sense of aestheticism.

Mod’Art fashion frontier hereby sharing the It trends of Paris fashion week 2015, and we hope this inspires you for your next shopping agenda!


COLLIN Manon, HSU Meng-Chun, CHANG Hao-Han, FENG Ling-Li


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