5 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

As it is impossible to not notice, Valentine’s day is coming. If you have not decided what to wear on Valentine’s day when you go out with your mate, we have chosen some different styles of collocation which you may follow.

The following ideas are by different styles:

If you just began to hang out with a guy, you might not want to be too dressed up, then remain casual will be a good choice.

How about wearing a Burgundy dress? Valentines’s day cannot be imaginable without red, this ensemble is cute and romantic, but still very stylish and feminine.

If you are a classy woman, this is the perfect outfit for your special day. Pair your black jeans with sequined top, and cream blazer which will keep your look classic but chic.

It would be great if your mate took you to a high class restaurant or to see an opera. At such occasions, an elegant outfit is the best choice.

This look is sexy and uber-stylish! The chunky heel is a key piece which  makes you more edgy and fashionable. You will not stay in a boring sexy look, but trendy.

If you are still hesitating, and don’t want to shop for a whole new outfit, we have an extra advice for everyone who is looking for being fun.
Carrying an interesting handbag will never be wrong, this kind of handbag goes well with basically every kinds of style. This is the piece you could simply transform your old clothes look fresh and styled.

Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day! Pick your outfit quickly, and make it memorable.

Estelle Chen, Nomine Azur, Nichakarn Amarit, Sarah Hörl


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