MERCI, an innovative and charitable multi-brand store in Paris

One of our favourite places to shop or at least, go window-shopping is: Merci.

It is one of the fashionable places in Paris where you can find in one shop all that you can imagine from the limited to the classic products as clothes from famous and unknown designers, furniture, houseware or cosmetics. The creators of the concept, Bernard and Marie-France Cohen, who have also launched the children’s brand, BONPOINT, select all the products with the upmost care for their quality and their exclusivity.

The creators wanted for their concept-store a welcoming place where visitors could have also the possibility to spend their free time:

  • around a coffee at the Merci’s Used Book Café where they can browse among shelves of used books,
  • have a healthy lunch cooked with seasonal products at the Merci’s Cantine, opened on a comfortable and small garden (level -1 of the shop),
  • meet friends in front of a famous classic movie which is projected on the Cinéma Café walls.









Every month, Merci invites designers or artists to introduce their new collections and artworks to the customers. This month, you can discover in limited edition the Blue Collection by Maison Standards, designed in collaboration with the Polish graphic designer Filip Pagowski. You can also stroll around the installation “Bobine”, showing an exceptional collection of bobbins in wood, in steel or in cardboard.

The capsule collection "Blue Project" by Maison Standards

The capsule collection “Blue Project” by Maison Standards

The exhibition "Bobine" made of a plenty of bobbins in different materials

The exhibition “Bobine” made of a plenty of bobbins in different materials

Last but not least, Merci has created a charity funding to help children from Madagascar. The success of the concept-store, enabled them to improve their conditions of life. Shopping is not anymore pointless, it can also be helpful!

We strongly recommend you to have a look at this shop and share this address ! Everyone will say MERCI for this action 😉 !

111 boulevard Beaumarchais
75003 Paris

By Florida Nor, Jessica Liang, Akshada Kunnul and Miley Sung.


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